1 month ago

Summer Fen Dress

I am back with more blurry photos! I haven’t had a chance to re-take most of the photos I took a couple weekends ago, and then I couldn’t bring myself to re-take these ones, because as you will see I was photo bombed in a cutest way.

I have been obsessed with the idea of making another Fen Dress ever since I saw Elena’s summer version of it. I have made the dress before and I loved it! I didn’t think I would want to make a short sleeve version, but Elena’s dress changed my mind in an instant. Keep reading “Summer Fen Dress”

1 month ago

Brook Blossom Skirt

This may be my last catching up post! Although I bet I still have items I haven’t photographed or written about. I’ll get to those,  eventually…

I have posted teaser photos of this skirt on my instagram for a while and finally posted the full “reveal” picture last week. Now, I am finally writing about it! This is the last item in my pattern testing craze I have been on this summer. I swear, there is nothing else I am testing (at the moment of writing this post).

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2 months ago

Pencil Button-Up Skirt

I am in serious catching up mode here. As a matter of fact, I was sure that I have already written all about this skirt! I had to check my posts twice to make sure that I actually didn’t. I do that all the time, I don’t respond to my texts or emails because in my head I already have. Same with blog posts I guess. I’ll do better! Promise.

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2 months ago

Chi-Town Skirt

I have some serious catching up to do on the blog. I have some new makes I absolutely have to photograph and write about and yet I still have a couple more I haven’t written about! I’ll do my best with writing posts in the next couple weeks, but unfortunately I am not as passionate about writing as I am about sewing. I’d much rather spend all my free time sewing, even if that means I am eating my dinner made out of leftovers over kitchen sink. Thankfully, Shaun doesn’t mind it. Yet. Keep reading “Chi-Town Skirt”