4 days ago

Emerson Trousers and Linden Sweater

I am really overdue for a blog post! The kind where I actually write about what I made. Life has been all sorts of busy. As you may be aware, we went away on a trip to Georgia, where my cousin got married. It was a blast! Also, our new house has been keeping us very busy. We bought our place at the end of May and moved in at the end of July. The new house is absolutely beautiful and is everything we wanted, but it is a product of its time and requires renovations. This year we decided to concentrate on upstairs, including removing the carpet and extra mirrors from a very interestingly designed bathroom, and next year or so, we will hopefully deal with the main floor.

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3 weeks ago

Fall Sewing Planning

Hello! It has been a while… The end of summer has been extremely busy and with the start of September I sort of fell off the blogging train. I was still making things, but finding time to write about them was harder. Then we went on our trip to Georgia to celebrate my cousin’s wedding, and all hell broke loose and I gave up on social media almost completely. I do have to say that I enjoyed this little break and the time with my family. I feel refreshed and I am ready to jump back in. And what a perfect time it is! I find the change of seasons very exciting and it almost always boost my sew-jo as I start thinking about new fabrics, looks and garments.

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2 months ago

Summer Fen Dress

I am back with more blurry photos! I haven’t had a chance to re-take most of the photos I took a couple weekends ago, and then I couldn’t bring myself to re-take these ones, because as you will see I was photo bombed in a cutest way.

I have been obsessed with the idea of making another Fen Dress ever since I saw Elena’s summer version of it. I have made the dress before and I loved it! I didn’t think I would want to make a short sleeve version, but Elena’s dress changed my mind in an instant. Keep reading “Summer Fen Dress”

2 months ago

Brook Blossom Skirt

This may be my last catching up post! Although I bet I still have items I haven’t photographed or written about. I’ll get to those,  eventually…

I have posted teaser photos of this skirt on my instagram for a while and finally posted the full “reveal” picture last week. Now, I am finally writing about it! This is the last item in my pattern testing craze I have been on this summer. I swear, there is nothing else I am testing (at the moment of writing this post).

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