7 days ago

Old Sewing Space

If you are wondering what happened to me, I am happy to report that I am still alive! I am currently caught up in delightful adventures of packing up our house and moving. This coming Saturday is the D-Day and I can not wait until it is finally over. I am going to miss the old little house with it’s character, quirky colors and sounds. Shaun has had this house for a few before we started dating and I moved in with him last summer. We weren’t planning on moving for a while, but with the housing prices being quite favorable in Calgary right now we decided to take a plunge and move to something with room to grow.

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2 weeks ago

Reef Camisole and Shorts

This post is so late… Reef pattern went live over a couple weeks ago and I am JUST writing about it. Boo! Thank you, Valeria, for reminding me 😉 Lately I have been preoccupied with other things and haven’t had much time for sewing. As I mentioned before, we are moving in a couple weekends, and then there is an out of town wedding this coming weekend, and to top it off I enrolled Skye into reactive dog classes which she is attending 3 times a week. Life has been busy and exciting! Although I do manage to sneak away a few hours, or even minutes, here and there to sew, overall my sewing time went down significantly and I really miss it. I am sure though that soon all the things will get back into a routine so for now I am enjoying a change of pace and all the new and exciting things in my life.

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3 weeks ago

Chi-Town Chinos and FSA experiment

Warning, this post is long and full of bum photos. Proceed at your own risk.

So far this summer has been full of pattern testing for me. I really enjoy it! If I see a call for testers for a pattern that suits my style or is something I always wanted to make but never really got around to, and I have the time to do it, I usually jump on the opportunity. It is a really fun way to get to know the designer, other sewists and learn something new. So without further ado, here is to the pattern that brought us #buttfie and #chinception. What are #buttfie and #chinception you ask? Well read on!

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1 month ago

Charming Jacket

I really like jackets!  Jackets are so easy to throw on and look put together. You can wear them with almost anything, from skirts and dress pants to jeans and shorts. It is such a versatile garment. Yet, a well fitting jacket is almost impossible for me to find. I have broad shoulders, long arms and smaller waist. All together that makes for a fitting disaster and it is very rare that an RTW jacket will fit to be just “good enough” to wear. Making my own seems to be the best solution I can find and thankfully I know how to do it!

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1 month ago

Boylston Bra with Elastic Upper Cup and no Fabric Strap...

I am back with the second part of the Boylston Bra modification tutorial! Boylston Bra is one of my favorite patterns. It is such a pretty demi bra that gives me a nice rounded shape. It is also super versatile! I have made it into a foam cup bra, lace bra, fabric bra, and you can even make a bikini top out of it. If a pattern fits so well why not utilize it to it’s full potential, right? Keep reading “Boylston Bra with Elastic Upper Cup and no Fabric Strap Tutorial”

1 month ago

Boylston Bra with Lace Upper Cup Tutorial and Thoughts

The folks over at Colette have posted an interesting question this week about finding time to sew in summer. This made me wonder. I love summer! I love warm weather and I love spending time outside, whether it is walking my dog or just sitting on the patio. Of course that takes away precious sewing time. However, I find my issue is not having difficulty finding time to sew, but rather it is finding time to photograph and write about it. I still sew, may be a little less than in winter, but I still do. I have a very strong suspicion that if I didn’t sew I would go slightly insane, would be difficult to be around and will likely lose all my few friends. I can not risk it. So I will find time for sewing. However, blogging and photographing things may suffer a bit… but I will try my best!

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