7 days ago

Lark Dress

Before I get into the fun details of the dress, you may have noticed a couple changes here. I have tried to update my blog and I am slowly working on making it better and prettier. But I am not computer savvy at all. Like, at all. I mean I know how to turn the thing on and type, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. Oh, and the internet, I know how to internet. So bear with me as I try to navigate the whole website upkeep thing, which will most certainly result in me enlisting my brother to help me. After all, he did get that Masters Degree in Computer Science, he can figure this stuff out, right?  Keep reading “Lark Dress”

1 week ago

Hampshire Trousers

If you follow my instagram this is not news to you, but just in case you are not, here it is. I am pretty sure I have gone crazy over Hampshire Trousers by Cali Faye Collection! I first noticed a lack of casual yet work appropriate pants in my wardrobe during the first week of Me Made May. Although I have made a couple of pants in the past, what I really wanted and needed were a casual pair of pants that was almost khaki like trousers. I love those! Unfortunately I can never find ones that fit me. I have big booty, smaller waist and thick thighs. I love all those parts of me, but it is impossible to find something in RTW that fits all those parameters at the same time.

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2 weeks ago

Me Made May – Week 2

We are half way there! On one had it has been so exciting and so much fun to see all the amazing makes that everyone else is wearing and I can not wait to see more! But on the other hand I am getting sad that we are already more than half-way in… I loved seeing the abundance of makes on instagram and discovering all the amazing and inspirational makers.

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2 weeks ago

Sirena Dress – Pattern Testing

This post is long and picture heavy. Also, the link to the pattern is affiliated, meaning I will get a share of the revenue should you chose to buy the pattern using the links I provide. However, the opinions are all my own!

Last week was busy! One of the things that I had on the go was this gorgeous Sirena Dress by Itch to Stitch. I saw a call for pattern testers on Facebook and  when I saw the technical drawing of the dress I decided I really wanted to test it.

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2 weeks ago

Floral Inari T-shirt

Oh rayon… I am so in love with rayon and that’s all I want to wear all summer long. Even in winter under a cozy cardigan. FabricLand stocked some beautiful rayons this spring and I couldn’t pass them by. I was eyeing this floral rayon for a couple weeks, I came up to the bolt, I unraveled it, looked at the print, I felt the fabric, I sighed and I just couldn’t image what I would do with it… Oh what a bummer! I really wanted to exercise self control and only buy fabric when I knew what I was going to make out of it. I also wasn’t sure if the print was a little too colorful for me. Now, I look back at it all and think about how silly I was. I should have snagged the fabric right away! It’s gorgeous!

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