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Welcome to Anna Zoe!

My name is Anya and this blog is about my adventures in everything creative, fabric and fashion related, as well as some random DIY project I will be taking on. I love to sew and create my own garments. I have been doing it for a few years and I am proud to say that most of the stuff I wear is made by me.

I am mostly self taught, I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded  by supportive women who sew. They taught me everything I know and encouraged my further growth. I am in no way an expert seamstress, but I enjoy learning and taking on new challenges. I shared a little bit more of my sewing history in my very first post as well as The Seamstress Tag post.

I have also recently discovered an amazing world of upholstery and bringing second life to furniture pieces. I am still very new at it but I find that my love for design and sewing translated nicely into this area. I haven’t had any upholstery projects in the past year or so, but I know there will be some in my future.

Join me on my journey through fashion, sewing and everything creative. I hope my trials, successes and errors will inspire as well as provide great learning opportunities.

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