Another Dropped Waist Laurel

I am back with another catch up post. I think this may be the last one or the second last one in my queue… And then I will have to start catching up on the new photos I’ve been taking. Let’s prolong the hair confusion! I went from this color, which is just one set of highlights, to a very light blond now, with 3 sets of highlights…My poor hair, I don’t think it can handle anymore!

My obsession with Laurel dress is very well documented here. I have made so many Laurels that I have lost count already. I have also made so many modifications to my original pattern that I don’t even know what it is anymore. Laurel dress has been the perfect shift dress for me. It didn’t come easily though, I went through a lot of alterations to get the pattern to fit right but in the end it was worth it.

I love a shift dress silhouette. I find it so elegant, classy and easy at the same time. It is not super restricting yet still shows off the shape and can be sexy if you want it to be. There are so many shift dress patterns out there! I just did a simple search on The Fold Line and here is what it came up with. I, myself, really want to give The Ultimate Shift Dress from Sew Over It a try.

I have made a dropped waist Laurel dress in the past and followed the same steps with this one. Except this time I decided to make it a tad longer as I felt my initial length was a little too short.

The fabric for the dress came from Blackbird Fabrics and they do not have this color way anymore, but there is still a good selection of plaid wovens to chose from. I believe the fabric is some kind of brushed flannel. It feels very soft and cozy. When made into this dress it becomes yet another “secret pajamas”. As you can probably tell I am all about garments that look great but feel like pajamas!

That’s really all there is to say about this dress. I love wearing this dress in colder months. It feels warm and comfortable, yet put together. It looks great alone or layered under a cardigan. I would also imagine it would look great layered under a sweater, so that it looks like I am wearing a sweater and a skirt. I haven’t tried it yet though.





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    1. Thank you! I was inspired by something I saw on pinterest a while back 🙂 The fabric was waiting for it’s moment for so long!

    1. I agree! I am all for hacking the pattern you know work well and making them over and over again. Thank you! It was taken by a complete accident when I was taking photos after a couple glasses of wine lol

    1. Thank you! I have been saving this fabric for a while until the idea finally came to me 🙂 I am yet to try it with the sweater. Ugh, I really need to do it!

  1. This looks awesome! I too have tons of Laurels but it took a ton of alterations to get it to fit, and it’s still not perfect. The Sew Over Ultimate Shift dress is in my queue and it looks like a great one! I have this fabric too – Blackbird is so great!

    1. I agree, the Laurel took so long to get it to fit right, and now I am wondering if I want a slightly different fit. I am curious to see how your experience with the Ultimate Shift Dress goes. I think I will jump on that one too ”


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