Muslin-ing Pants – Part 2

IMG_0054My saga with fitting pants continued over the weekend. I was very tired of making muslins, trying to fit them and failing… yet, I refused to give up. I would like to say I still refuse to give up, but I need to take a break as pant fitting was killing my sewing mojo. In the end of it all, I finished with 6 muslins and a decent fit in one pair of pants! Keep reading “Muslin-ing Pants – Part 2”

Muslin-ing Pants… yikes! – Part 1

IMG_0053*Warning, this post is long-ish and does not have finished product pictures. Just rants and thoughts*

I hate pant shopping. I don’t love any pants I owe and it’s extremely hard to find something that fits me well and is not jeans. But even jeans though, only a couple brands fit me well and of course they are the expensive kind.  When it comes to pants I have a few things that greatly hinder the success of finding something that fits – my waist to hips ratio is bigger than average, I have a big bum that sticks out there (omg Becky, look at her butt… thanks Sir Mix-a-Lot), my thighs are quite thick (and I am okay with that, thank you squats), and I am very tall. Armed with all of that, I have yet to find a pair of pants that fits! Keep reading “Muslin-ing Pants… yikes! – Part 1”

Lekala Coat Progress

Lekala Coat 2Last fall I made myself  a fabulous pink coat that I managed to wear out to pieces within one season. The construction was well done, but the lining fabric was cheap and it started tearing. The coat got extremely dirty and rather than cleaning it and re-doing the lining I decided I wanted a new coat this winter. I really hate mending, alterations and just generally re-working anything that has already been sewn. My old coat needs major cleaning and mending work, so it will go into textile recycling bin. It was a good ride and it served me real well, but it is time for a new one! Keep reading “Lekala Coat Progress”