1 year ago

Boylston Bra with Elastic Upper Cup and no Fabric Strap...

I am back with the second part of the Boylston Bra modification tutorial! Boylston Bra is one of my favorite patterns. It is such a pretty demi bra that gives me a nice rounded shape. It is also super versatile! I have made it into a foam cup bra, lace bra, fabric bra, and you can even make a bikini top out of it. If a pattern fits so well why not utilize it to it’s full potential, right? Keep reading “Boylston Bra with Elastic Upper Cup and no Fabric Strap Tutorial”

1 year ago

Boylston Bra with Lace Upper Cup Tutorial and Thoughts

The folks over at Colette have posted an interesting question this week about finding time to sew in summer. This made me wonder. I love summer! I love warm weather and I love spending time outside, whether it is walking my dog or just sitting on the patio. Of course that takes away precious sewing time. However, I find my issue is not having difficulty finding time to sew, but rather it is finding time to photograph and write about it. I still sew, may be a little less than in winter, but I still do. I have a very strong suspicion that if I didn’t sew I would go slightly insane, would be difficult to be around and will likely lose all my few friends. I can not risk it. So I will find time for sewing. However, blogging and photographing things may suffer a bit… but I will try my best!

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2 years ago

Another Boylston Bra


My apologies for going MIA last week. It has been a very busy week and although I have been doing my best to get some sewing done, I have only been able to sneak away a few hours here and there. We have been toying around with an idea of moving for a few months now, but this past week it all came down to making decision to actually try and go through with the move. As exciting as it is, it involves updating  our current place and potentially some major updates to the place we have in mind. Hence, all my Easter Weekend was spent taping, filling the holes in the walls, painting, more painting and even more paining. As well as de-cluttering. Fun! Nonetheless, I managed to snap some pictures of this bra I made a couple weeks ago in between painting and cleaning up.  Keep reading “Another Boylston Bra”

2 years ago

Peach and Gray Set

Boylston BraI have been making my own bras for a few months now and I have to say it is super addicting! I started off being very skeptical about the whole thing. Although I have always had trouble finding a bra that fits, I did not think that I would even attempt to wear a soft cup bra in public. No way! I have always been a foam cup, preferably with some padding, type of girl. Yet, I found most of my ready to wear bras rarely fit me in the cup and the band at the same time, and overall were uncomfortable. Even with those challenges I was still convinced I would never wear a me-made bra. Keep reading “Peach and Gray Set”

2 years ago

Knock off Knickers

knickers 2In this post I will talk about underpants. Yep. I finally got the courage and made myself a pair of knickers. My plan for the coming year includes venturing out into the lingerie territory and trying to make some of my own. I must admit, it seems hard and scary! But when I get super scared I remind myself that I’ve been sewing a while, made a lot of more challenging garments, and even if I screw up a pair of underwear… so what? The amount of fabric used is so miniscule, it really wouldn’t be the end of the world. So I finally gave in and tried it.

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