4 months ago

Estelle Vest

This vest was not a planned make. I have admired long flow-y vests and dusters on others, but I have turned down an idea of having one for myself outright when they first started appearing on my instagram and pinterest feed. Then one day, it hit me. I must have one. There was no “may be I should consider it”, it was simply  “I must have one” and now. I tried to talk myself out of it by telling myself that it may be a fad garment and I probably won’t have a use for it. I am really trying to make things that I will wear over and over again, so I thought this vest idea wouldn’t meet the requirements. Still I couldn’t change my own mind. It became even harder when I realized I had the perfect fabric in my stash that I have been saving for some sort of sweater. At that point it was a done deal… there was no turning back. The vest was to become a reality.

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5 months ago

Another Dropped Waist Laurel

I am back with another catch up post. I think this may be the last one or the second last one in my queue… And then I will have to start catching up on the new photos I’ve been taking. Let’s prolong the hair confusion! I went from this color, which is just one set of highlights, to a very light blond now, with 3 sets of highlights…My poor hair, I don’t think it can handle anymore!

My obsession with Laurel dress is very well documented here. I have made so many Laurels that I have lost count already. I have also made so many modifications to my original pattern that I don’t even know what it is anymore. Laurel dress has been the perfect shift dress for me. It didn’t come easily though, I went through a lot of alterations to get the pattern to fit right but in the end it was worth it.

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6 months ago

Velvet Lark

I love having a dedicated photo space! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, even in our old space I had a beautiful spot in my kitchen where the light was just perfect and the background seemed pretty great. All I had to do was have my tri-pod nearby and ready to snap the photo whenever the mood was right. I am very lazy after all.

I am very happy that in our new house I found this empty wall that I painted and used some leftover construction garbage for the “floor”. Now I can snap photos whenever I like and they actually come out okay. I really don’t like playing “model” and doing a long photo-shoot with outfit changes. Having something that enables me to snap a photo when I am ready at whatever time of the day regardless of the natural light is essential for my blog and instagram.  So now, if only I could figure out a way to train one of my animals to write blog posts for me… then I would really have this blogging thing nailed down. Anyways, let’s talk about the dress!

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7 months ago

Pattern Testing – Panama Tee Dress

This post is a little late. It was meant to come out last week but we left for Portland on Thursday for the weekend, and prior to that I was running around trying to get everything that needed to be done completed. Still, better late than never!

I was one of the lucky ladies chosen to help out with testing the new Panama Tee and Dress pattern by Alina Design Co. Even with a busy reno schedule I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to test! Luckily it was an easy pattern that can be put together in a couple hours.

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