2 years ago

Bench Cushion Cover and a Tutorial

cushion 1    I have been missing from the blog, and I have no excuse. Well, I can come up with a lot of excuses! But none of them really are good enough. I guess the main one being is that I just can’t seem to think of an acceptable spot to take pictures and I really think I need a tripod, but I am just too lazy to go get one. Yet, this doesn’t mean I have been slacking off on the sewing front. Oh no, quite the opposite, I have so many awesome projects on the go, and I’ve tried so many patterns and have come up with a few TNT’s (Tried and True patterns). Exciting! Now only if I could photograph them…

Anyways, in the absence of tripod, space and motivation, I will share the project that I have finished this weekend for someone else. And to make up for the absence I will make it into a super long, maths filled but easy(ish) tutorial. Yay! First one!

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2 years ago

First Wingback Chair

IMG_8088 Bumblebee is really making this chair look so much better! But in all seriousness, why do all my animals insist on testing out the finished chairs before I even get to sit in them? I just put the chair in the corner, left for a couple seconds to grab my phone and  came back to this. Oh Bumblebee…

This chair did not look anything like that when I first saw it. Someone was giving it away for free and I was just starting to toy around with the idea of re-upholstery.  I really wanted to try my hand in something slightly more challenging and this chair was free, so… why not?




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3 years ago

Oval Back Chair

chair afterI moved into my current place almost exactly two years ago and I was beyond happy to finally have my own place. No roommates, no man, no one to tell me what to do with my space! It was a tough year before that and it involved a LOT of moving. By a lot I mean really, a lot. I pretty much moved five times in one year. It was an interesting period of time for me. No wonder when I got my place, I really wanted to make it mine. My own, decorate it in the colors I liked, have pillows I want and flowers I want, the furniture I want… It took me over a year to finally take a plunge and do it. This lovely chair is one of the results of my redecorating journey.

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3 years ago

My very first chair

FullSizeRenderI wouldn’t say that my love for re-upholstery began from this chair, but the chair did spark something in me. I originally picked it up with an idea of it being my future sewing room chair. I wanted a funky, bright, yet delicate and vintage looking chair. Since I was on a saving spree, I decided to give this sad looking chair I picked up from someone else’s porch for free a go. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

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