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Inari Tee Dress


I have finally and fully gave into my desire for loose, almost shapeless garments. After wearing fitted dresses, low waisted pants, fitted sweaters and shirts for years, I really thought that something was seriously wrong with me. How could I even want a pair of pants that sit right below my natural waist?… Or even a loose fitted dress? Gasp… I certainly thought I caught some kind of virus that clearly affected my brain. But lo and behold, I think this is what growing up and getting older (and of course, better!) looks like for me.


After realizing that just because a garment doesn’t closely hug my bust, waist and possibly hips, it doesn’t mean it still can not be flattering, I went on a pattern search of all cool loose fitting dresses and tops I could find. I’ve seen Inari Tee Dress before a number of times and although I did think it looked good on others I never thought it was for me. Well, it grew on me fast, with my new urgency for looser fitting dresses, I had to have it.


The pattern was easy to tape together and I ended up picking a size based on my bust measurement – 40. I adjusted the shoulder, since my shoulders are so wide, and proceeded to put it together. It was easy! It all came together in one night. But… there is a but… it turned out too tight! Seriously, this was a loose fitting dress and I managed to still pick a wrong size. My mistake was that I simply assumed that my hip measurement wouldn’t matter because of the looser fit of the dress. Well, it certainly does! I could put the dress on, but my hips were way too tight in the dress. There she is. Just hanging on the dress form, waiting for my friend to pick her up….


Thankfully though, I had enough fabric leftover to make me another one! This time I cut size 42 right away and went from there. I still widened my shoulder, but in hindsight I should have done a full broad back adjustment. The dress still feel a tiny bit tight across the shoulders, but it is not a big deal at all and it is barely noticeable.


The fabric came from my stash and has been a part of it for at least 3 years. I bought it thinking of making a shirt dress, but I never got to it. I think the Inari Dress really suits it though. The fabric is a polyester blend. It is very light, yet opaque. It has a beautiful drape and hangs nicely. It was also not hard to work with at all!


I have been wearing the dress all the time. It is so comfortable! I also like how versatile it is. It looks just as cute with a chunky cardigan and tights, as it would with sandals in summer. I am thinking I should make another one for the summer. Something in lighter fabric in a color that makes you think of summer… There, how poetic was that?



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  1. Looks so cute! Love the print. I have been wearing mine a lot too, more than I expected, actually! It is definitely on my make again list, but I might try the tee first just to get the fitting issues ironed out (yepp, I went there).

    1. Bahaha great pun! lol
      Thank you! I agree, it is one of those dresses that kind of grows on you. That’s a great idea to try a t-shirt first 🙂


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