Me Made May – Week 2

We are half way there! On one had it has been so exciting and so much fun to see all the amazing makes that everyone else is wearing and I can not wait to see more! But on the other hand I am getting sad that we are already more than half-way in… I loved seeing the abundance of makes on instagram and discovering all the amazing and inspirational makers.

Here is the round up of my Week 2

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Thoughts so far:

  • I apparently have trouble counting anything over 10, so as a result I had 2 “Day 14” in May. Both have been great day 14’s
  • After donning my Mesa/Lakeside pants on for Day 10 (Tuesday) I realized two things. One, I need more of these pants in my life. Two, I need more casual yet work appropriate pants in my life. That’s what lead me to Hampshire Trousers addiction. I will write more on it this week and I promise a detailed post on them! I’ve already madeย 2 pairs…
  • The light in my kitchen is Ah-mazing! I don’t even need to adjust the lighting in those photos. It’s too bad that I’ve discovered this gem of a photo spot a month and a half before we have to move out
  • Selfies are so hard to take, but sometimes they are awesome. It’s hard for me to capture the whole outfit in a selfie and the “feel” for it. But they areย a life saver for lazy Sundays when I refuse to put my make up on and my hair may or may not have been brushed.


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  1. I’m really keen to read about the Hampshire trousers as this pattern is pretty high in my queue right now. Glad to hear that you like them! They look great on you.

    Your week has gone well. I’m enjoying following along. Can’t believe we’re half way through either!


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