Silvia Coatigan


Coatigan Silvia by Schnittchen is slowly taking over all my social media. I think I’ve seen in almost everywhere and it has slowly grown on me. Normally I prefer fitted coats but seeing coatigans over a few weeks I went from “hmm… this is interesting but I don’t think it is for me” to “OMG! I must make it!”. It was Lauren’s coatigan that pushed it over the edge for me. She just looks so chick and effortless! So I purchased the pattern and this weekend I was set to make it.
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Ruby Dress


I am sure I am not the only one, but every time I get invited to a wedding or an event I feel like I need a new dress. Even though I may have appropriate dresses in my closet, a brand new dress that is specifically made for the event makes me feel good. Having said that, I still prefer my “special occasion” dresses to be wearable outside of those special occasions. May be that is why I am reluctant to wear them to the special events since they are already a part of my daily life…This past week we spent in Mexico where we were celebrating S’ friends getting married. Of course I needed a dress for the occasion! Keep reading “Ruby Dress”

Fail Friday – Burda Pleat Blouse


Success is great. It makes you feel accomplished and proud, there is nothing like the euphoria of successfully finishing any endeavor  you take on in your life, including sewing. However, I think failing and falling short are just as much and just as important parts of life as success is. Failure and struggles have an incredible lesson to teach if one is open to it. I don’t want to create an unrealistic view of myself and my life here, so I think sharing my failures is important. On that note, I will start keeping track of them here with a Fail Friday, whenever I have a photographed failure to show that is! Keep reading “Fail Friday – Burda Pleat Blouse”

Lace Ella Tank


I think I have made enough Ella Tanks to last me a while. I have also managed to mess up a couple tanks, which I am blaming on fabric, and they came out smaller than intended. So I have unintentionally made enough Ella Tanks for my smaller friend as well. It’s safe to say that Ella Tank is a clear win across the board. It’s so simple and comfy! It is a looser fit tank, with almost a racer back and a cool pleat in the back. There are so many ways to make this tank awesome! Just look at all the great examples on here.

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