2 years ago

Peach and Gray Set

Boylston BraI have been making my own bras for a few months now and I have to say it is super addicting! I started off being very skeptical about the whole thing. Although I have always had trouble finding a bra that fits, I did not think that I would even attempt to wear a soft cup bra in public. No way! I have always been a foam cup, preferably with some padding, type of girl. Yet, I found most of my ready to wear bras rarely fit me in the cup and the band at the same time, and overall were uncomfortable. Even with those challenges I was still convinced I would never wear a me-made bra. Keep reading “Peach and Gray Set”

2 years ago

Tutorial – Reducing Front Inseam Length in Pants


Pants… I think know nothing about pant fitting and it scares the hell out of me. Dresses, skirts, coats, lingerie, I am good with those, but pants terrify me. The fabric needs to hang just right and have just enough ease to look good. To top it off, the fabric is pulled, bent and stretched in directions that fabric in a dress or a skirt would rarely be. In all of my sewing time I’ve made a handful of pants, and I’ve recently spent some time working on my pant muslin. I am not done, but from what I’ve learnt is that reducing the length of front inseam is an adjustment I need to make on virtually every pant pattern. So why not share? Keep reading “Tutorial – Reducing Front Inseam Length in Pants”

2 years ago

Activewear, Activewear

My tankI will never get tired of this song… Especially when I am doing absolutely nothing in my activewear. Although, I think it should also include a line about “doing some sewing in my activewear”, that would definitely move this song to the best ever status in my eyes. So I guess it is pretty obvious that I did some activewear sewing, of course, while wearing my activewear… I gave Virginia Leggings and Resolution Tank a good try this weekend. Two patterns! And I would have to say that unfortunately only one was a success for me. I’ll start with the one that didn’t work out. Keep reading “Activewear, Activewear”

2 years ago

Muslin-ing Pants – Part 2

IMG_0054My saga with fitting pants continued over the weekend. I was very tired of making muslins, trying to fit them and failing… yet, I refused to give up. I would like to say I still refuse to give up, but I need to take a break as pant fitting was killing my sewing mojo. In the end of it all, I finished with 6 muslins and a decent fit in one pair of pants! Keep reading “Muslin-ing Pants – Part 2”

2 years ago

Thoughts on Bra Making and Class Review

IMG_9670In line with my No Buying Clothes for a Year commitment I knew there would be a point where I would need to start making my own undergarments. In fact, I have been following amazing bloggers and seamstresses who are making their own lingerie for a while. I’ve watched them come up with beautiful undergarments wondering if I could ever even bring myself to attempt it. In late 2015 I decided this was it and I needed to give it a try. I was committed to trying and I was sure I would fail! Still, my desire to work with beautiful lace and learn the skills was more overpowering that my absolute conviction that I would never wear a bra I made in public. Of course it would be under my clothes and no one would see it, but still… Keep reading “Thoughts on Bra Making and Class Review”

2 years ago

Muslin-ing Pants… yikes! – Part 1

IMG_0053*Warning, this post is long-ish and does not have finished product pictures. Just rants and thoughts*

I hate pant shopping. I don’t love any pants I owe and it’s extremely hard to find something that fits me well and is not jeans. But even jeans though, only a couple brands fit me well and of course they are the expensive kind.  When it comes to pants I have a few things that greatly hinder the success of finding something that fits – my waist to hips ratio is bigger than average, I have a big bum that sticks out there (omg Becky, look at her butt… thanks Sir Mix-a-Lot), my thighs are quite thick (and I am okay with that, thank you squats), and I am very tall. Armed with all of that, I have yet to find a pair of pants that fits! Keep reading “Muslin-ing Pants… yikes! – Part 1”