Knock off Knickers

knickers 2In this post I will talk about underpants. Yep. I finally got the courage and made myself a pair of knickers. My plan for the coming year includes venturing out into the lingerie territory and trying to make some of my own. I must admit, it seems hard and scary! But when I get super scared I remind myself that I’ve been sewing a while, made a lot of more challenging garments, and even if I screw up a pair of underwear… so what? The amount of fabric used is so miniscule, it really wouldn’t be the end of the world. So I finally gave in and tried it.

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Finished Coat!

Lekala 4333I finished my coat!! And I already have been wearing it out every. single. day. It turned out exactly like I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I am still missing a tripod, and I am secretly hoping / was told that with Christmas being so close I shouldn’t go out and buy one. Although I am notorious for buying things I want and need right before gift giving holidays. Usually they are the things that someone else has already bought for me too… So, in the absence of tripod, I have to take shameless selfies in poor light and with a bad angle. What can you do? Keep reading “Finished Coat!”

Lekala Coat Progress

Lekala Coat 2Last fall I made myself  a fabulous pink coat that I managed to wear out to pieces within one season. The construction was well done, but the lining fabric was cheap and it started tearing. The coat got extremely dirty and rather than cleaning it and re-doing the lining I decided I wanted a new coat this winter. I really hate mending, alterations and just generally re-working anything that has already been sewn. My old coat needs major cleaning and mending work, so it will go into textile recycling bin. It was a good ride and it served me real well, but it is time for a new one! Keep reading “Lekala Coat Progress”

Thoughts and Plans

Lane Raglan As we all are nearing the end of the year I can’t help but think about my sewing over the past year, what I’ve learned, and where I would like to see my projects go in the next year. In 2015 I have really pushed myself and I think my sewing skills have progressed nicely. I’ve learned some new techniques and even new functions on my machine. I know… I should have really read the manual 6 years ago… I’ve transformed my sewing space into a space that really works for me and feels good. I’ve tried to stay on track and keep my fabric stash under control. That’s didn’t work out well, but intention was there.

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Bench Cushion Cover and a Tutorial

cushion 1    I have been missing from the blog, and I have no excuse. Well, I can come up with a lot of excuses! But none of them really are good enough. I guess the main one being is that I just can’t seem to think of an acceptable spot to take pictures and I really think I need a tripod, but I am just too lazy to go get one. Yet, this doesn’t mean I have been slacking off on the sewing front. Oh no, quite the opposite, I have so many awesome projects on the go, and I’ve tried so many patterns and have come up with a few TNT’s (Tried and True patterns). Exciting! Now only if I could photograph them…

Anyways, in the absence of tripod, space and motivation, I will share the project that I have finished this weekend for someone else. And to make up for the absence I will make it into a super long, maths filled but easy(ish) tutorial. Yay! First one!

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First Wingback Chair

IMG_8088 Bumblebee is really making this chair look so much better! But in all seriousness, why do all my animals insist on testing out the finished chairs before I even get to sit in them? I just put the chair in the corner, left for a couple seconds to grab my phone and  came back to this. Oh Bumblebee…

This chair did not look anything like that when I first saw it. Someone was giving it away for free and I was just starting to toy around with the idea of re-upholstery.  I really wanted to try my hand in something slightly more challenging and this chair was free, so… why not?




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