Canadian Brasilia Dress

Brasilia Dress 2Who likes free patterns? I certainly do! Especially when they fit amazingly well! I recently discovered House of Pinheiro, run by gorgeous Rachelle. What a treat! I love following her makes and I find them really inspirational. She has drafted a beautiful Brasilia Dress that is available on her website for free. It is one size pattern though, so if your measurements do not match hers, it will need alterations. It also doesn’t include seam allowances and neckline and armholes facing, but those are more or less easy to add.  

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Oval Back Chair

chair afterI moved into my current place almost exactly two years ago and I was beyond happy to finally have my own place. No roommates, no man, no one to tell me what to do with my space! It was a tough year before that and it involved a LOT of moving. By a lot I mean really, a lot. I pretty much moved five times in one year. It was an interesting period of time for me. No wonder when I got my place, I really wanted to make it mine. My own, decorate it in the colors I liked, have pillows I want and flowers I want, the furniture I want… It took me over a year to finally take a plunge and do it. This lovely chair is one of the results of my redecorating journey.

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Rae Skirt

Rae Skirt 1Growing up I hated skirts. I couldn’t think of anything worse to wear when swinging on monkey bars, climbing slides or running around. After witnessing a girl in my school accidentally having the back of her skirt tucked under her backpack and having her whole backside exposed, she must have not noticed it when she was putting the backpack on, also made me super paranoid about wearing skirts. You have to behave like a lady when you wear one and I think I had trouble with that.

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Coral Hepworth Dress

IMG_7668Last week I discovered IndieSew (where was I hiding before this?) and as I was browsing Hepworth Dress caught my sight. This pattern is made by Sinbad and Sailor and has elements of everything I love in a dress – it is feminine yet elegant, playful yet great for the office… I was sold. I’ve never tried any of Sinbad and Sailor’s patterns, as a matter of fact many indie designers are new to me, so I decided this dress will be a perfect item to start with.

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My very first chair

FullSizeRenderI wouldn’t say that my love for re-upholstery began from this chair, but the chair did spark something in me. I originally picked it up with an idea of it being my future sewing room chair. I wanted a funky, bright, yet delicate and vintage looking chair. Since I was on a saving spree, I decided to give this sad looking chair I picked up from someone else’s porch for free a go. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

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First Post!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Anya and I am absolutely crazy about anything fabric related. I was toying with an idea of starting a blog for a while now, but something seemed to be in the way (isn’t it always??) This weekend I decided that’s it, I need space to track all my projects and write about them so I do not overwhelm my friends and family with seemingly endless supply of DIY stories and ideas. I figured in my first post I’ll tell a little more about the story behind my passion.

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