6 months ago

Winter White Esme

I am finally starting to play catch up here! Now that the renos are almost done, I took the liberty to paint one wall of our spare room in this gorgeous dark tealish blue color. It is the same color as a feature wall in our bedroom and we had leftover paint, so why not put it to good use? I’ve also been scouring kijiji for some extra lights to set up in my photo area. It’s hard to take pictures in Calgary right now. I leave home when it’s still very dark and I come back and it’s already dark. And, let’s be honest, most weekends I just don’t want to put myself together. I still have a dream of a good camera one day, but for now my iPhone and my new “photo area” will do.

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7 months ago

Pattern Testing – Panama Tee Dress

This post is a little late. It was meant to come out last week but we left for Portland on Thursday for the weekend, and prior to that I was running around trying to get everything that needed to be done completed. Still, better late than never!

I was one of the lucky ladies chosen to help out with testing the new Panama Tee and Dress pattern by Alina Design Co. Even with a busy reno schedule I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to test! Luckily it was an easy pattern that can be put together in a couple hours.

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7 months ago

Unselfish Sewing – Jeans, a Maternity Makeover

Life is still very busy over here with the last bits of the renos coming together. The last couple weeks have been incredibly stressful on me. I tend to overcommit to a project and go all out until I finish it, but as I found out it wasn’t the best strategy this time around and I was burning out quickly. So this weekend I decided to take as much time as I can and do something for myself and rest. By rest I mean actual rest and creative rest. Being an introvert I definitely recharge through sewing and being quiet. So, I finally tackled a long overdue project of helping my girlfriend with pregnancy jeans.

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8 months ago

Emerson Trousers and Linden Sweater

I am really overdue for a blog post! The kind where I actually write about what I made. Life has been all sorts of busy. As you may be aware, we went away on a trip to Georgia, where my cousin got married. It was a blast! Also, our new house has been keeping us very busy. We bought our place at the end of May and moved in at the end of July. The new house is absolutely beautiful and is everything we wanted, but it is a product of its time and requires renovations. This year we decided to concentrate on upstairs, including removing the carpet and extra mirrors from a very interestingly designed bathroom, and next year or so, we will hopefully deal with the main floor.

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9 months ago

Fall Sewing Planning

Hello! It has been a while… The end of summer has been extremely busy and with the start of September I sort of fell off the blogging train. I was still making things, but finding time to write about them was harder. Then we went on our trip to Georgia to celebrate my cousin’s wedding, and all hell broke loose and I gave up on social media almost completely. I do have to say that I enjoyed this little break and the time with my family. I feel refreshed and I am ready to jump back in. And what a perfect time it is! I find the change of seasons very exciting and it almost always boost my sew-jo as I start thinking about new fabrics, looks and garments.

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