Shirt Dress Orla – An Orla Affair

I apologize for posting this later than I intended. This month has been insanely busy with work and trips, and for my final trip with my family this past week and weekend I was out of reception zone, which I did not anticipate at all. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Orla Dresses popping up everywhere on social media. I certainly am! You guys have been so inspiring with your makes and hacks. I will be blatantly copying some of your ideas in the future.

I am back today to show you my final hack of the Orla Dress. I want to say I saved the best for last, but I can not chose my favourite out of the four hacks I have now done. I love them all. However my last hack is more involved and having extra time to complete it was definitely helpful. As you can see, my last Orla is a proper shirt dress, with button up front, yoke and a shirt collar.

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Shirt Dress Orla – Drafting Tutorial

What a month it has been! I loved seeing all the Orlas poping up on my Instagram feed. You guys are so awesome. Thank you to every single one of you for participating in this Orla Affair.

As promised I am back to show you all the drafting alterations to make a shirt dress Orla.

This dress will require a few more involved modifications than other Orla’s , and some actual drafting. But don’t worry, I will walk you through every single step. I have no doubts you will be able to do it! So, let’s jump in.

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Another Sleeveless Orla – Lined, Box Pleat Skirt ...

What a week! Life has been insanely busy this week and I have fell a few days behind on my contributions to Orla Affair. For that I apologize. I am taking this weekend off all other activities so that I can catch up on my blogging and have the rest of tutorials coming your way on schedule.

Today I am back with sewing tips for making this box pleat Orla Dress with lined bodice and a waistband. So, let’s jump right in.

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Sleeveless Dress Sewing Tutorial – An Orla Affair

This is the most blogging I have ever done. Ever. This is my 7th post in 3 days! Insane.

I am very excited to finally share the sewing steps to make sleeveless Orla with pockets and striped skirt, while using facings to finish neckline and armholes. It will be a very long and picture heavy tutorial, so grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and join in.

At this point I assume that you have done modifications to your bodice pieces to make them sleveless,drafted your facings and pockets, as well as altered skirt pieces to make striped skirt. The last step is optional however, you do not need to have a striped skirt to make a sleeveless Orla. Not all Orlas must have a striped skirt after all…

I also assume that you have all your pieces cut out and ready to sew. So here we go!

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An Orla Affair

You guys have already heard that July is an Orla Affair month hosted by Rachel from Maker Style, Maddie from Maddie Made This, Allie from Allie J. and yours truly. This post was meant to go up on the first of July, but I was leaving for a vacation and with all the running around I didn’t get a chance to get to it prior to going into a no-reception zone. My sincere apologies for it! I promise the rest of my posts this month will be prompt and hopefully full of inspiration and information.

I can not say enough good things about Orla Dress. It is a FREE pattern from French Navy and it is absolutely wonderful! The pattern is really well drafted and is amazing as is, or can serve as a great start off point for numerous pattern hacks.

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Orla Dress

I love sewing dresses. I started off sewing with making all kinds of dresses. Well fitting dress is such an easy outfit, don’t you think?

Orla Dress is the first PDF pattern by Sarah from French Navy. I am so in love with everything Sarah makes and her style. I want to repeat every single outfit. She is great! I should also mention that the dress is a free pattern.

I really like fit and flare dresses. They have always been my soft spot. But a few years ago I think I made too many and I got tired of them. My dresses were very fitted on top and had a simple gathered skirt. When I saw Orla Dress it reminded me of my old dresses quite a bit, but the top of this dress is semi-fitted and I absolutely love it. This dress strikes the perfect balance between dressy and casual fit and flare dress. I can see it working for either occasion.

I made this dress back in February and since it was still very cold in Calgary, and likely will stay chilly for a while, I chose thin wool suiting from my stash. I had this fabric for a year or so. I bought it thinking I would make pants, but in the end I decided it would be a perfect Orla Dress.

Since the fabric is wool, I decided to line the bodice of the dress. I used a piece of leftover bemberg lining for it. This resulted in a dress I want to wear all day long. It is not itchy at all!

The pattern fit great right away! The only changes I made was to lengthen both front and back bodices and add some width to the back and shoulder. But those are my very standard adjustments.

The dress came out exactly like I envisioned it! It is a perfect work dress, and actually any occasion dress. I love this dress so much, that I am trying to figure out what color-way and fabric I can make my next one in. I am a big fan of reusing patterns. If something fits great, why re-invent the wheel, right?

Until next time,