Blush-y Laurel

I think it is very obvious that I love my Laurel dresses! I’ve worked on this pattern for a year now and it is safe to say that it is one of my tried and true patterns that I keep coming back to.

pink laurel 1

I’ve made so many modifications to the pattern that I don’t even know where to begin. You can read about my start off point for the pattern here and all the modifications I’ve made to it to begin with, but to summarize my original modifications were:

  • moving the bust darts to the proper height for my body
  • increasing shoulder width
  • redrafting armscye (lowering it a bit) and sleeve cap
  • taking ease out of sleeve cap
  • taking in side seams

The final pattern was great! Yet, I still felt like I could use a little bit more width in the upper back, especially with fabric that had no stretch.

Although I love my first Laurel pattern, I find myself reaching for less fitted dresses these days. So I wanted to change my beloved pattern to reflect that. For this version, I took my already modified Laurel pattern and made some further modifications, some of which overrode the original modifications and brought the look of my Laurel back to the original Laurel pattern. This time I did the following:

  • added more width to the front and back (~1/2″)
  • omitted the back darts
  • widened and shortened the sleeve

pink laurel 4

I used luxurious blush tencel twill from Blackbird Fabrics. Unfortunately it is sold out, but Caroline still has some other colors in stock. I can not praise this tencel twill enough. Hands down, this twill has been one of my go-to fabrics this summer. It is so lightweight, soft, drapey and has a lovely silk feel to it. It does crease easily but somehow it still looks great at the end of the day, even with the creases. I still have a few other colors in my stash and I plan to make another Laurel and a couple pairs of pants. Yep, that’s how much I love this fabric.

The dress turned out exactly how I wanted it to! I love it when the projects cooperate. I was a little worried about the color of the dress at first and wondered if it washes me out since I am not as tanned this summer. But after wearing it to work and feeling absolutely put together and elegant all my worries were gone. Something about a simple, blushy pink dress just feels so feminine and elegant! And afterall, it’s about how you feel in the clothes, and this dress made me feel like I could conquer the world, while wearing heels too! So yes, it’s a win.

pink laurel 3

What do you think about the color? Would you wear something this blushy pink out?


P.S. My camera has been acting up! All my images seem to be out of focus and slightly blurry… My iPhone takes better pictures! I am sure it is the operator issue though. I will try to figure out what is wrong. Wish me luck!



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  1. I love your new photo wall. That panelling is stunning. This dress is really pretty, but no, I wouldn’t wear this colour. Too close to my pale Scottish skin colour. I think I’d feel naked!!! For the record, you don’t look naked. You look great! 😉

    1. Thank you!! It is paneling in our new home and I love it!
      I really thought I would feel the same. Almost naked. But I think the dark hair color makes it better. Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. It’s a great color – I have had tops and skirts (that I wore separately) in this color at various times in my life, though no longer (my kids would stain it in under a second). I enjoyed reading about all your modifications – thanks for the detail!

    1. I agree! It’s so light without being too white. Haha I can understand it! I don’t have kids yet, but I can imagine it would be difficult to wear light colors without getting stains. You are welcome! 🙂

  3. No wonder you love that dress, you look great in it! Your fabric sounds wonderful! I find it difficult to estimate the drape/body in fabrics, even though I shop in person. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be when shopping online!

    1. Thank you so much Nilla! I agree, it is difficult to do it in person and pretty much a guess when you buy fabric online. I find hanging fabric photos are great, as well as I appreciate when the shops say what garment would this fabric work for. And also I find that when I shop online I rarely know exactly what I will make out of the fabric, so that when it comes to me I am not disappointed that the intended make will not turn out. This last thing doesn’t help me with my fabric addiction at all though! haha

  4. heatherandthepugs August 23, 2016, 11:00 am

    I love the Laurel pattern too, but I feel like it always needs to be tweaked. I think it looks great in the blushy pink, but I know I would dibble coffee all the way down it first thing in the morning. LOL That being said, I do have a shirt this same colour but in linen and my husband loves it. Every time I wear it, he’s like you need more of that colour!
    You have made so many Laurels that I would happily steal out of your closet and wear, including this one. Too bad we’re not the same the size. LOL

    1. It definitely seems that way! Even when I think I got the perfect fit, I still tweak it here and there. haha I have definitely made a lot of Laurels and I am certain I will make more. Now that I have it more or less down it’s such a great basic dress pattern to play around with.
      LOL I am pretty sure I’ve spilled something on it already! It’s so easy! I bet that colour would look good on you too with your complexion! You husband is right.
      haha I have so many I would definitely share with you!


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