Me So Fancy – Faux Fur Coat

I was so excited to make this coat that I put it together in one day. I don’t know how I did it and if this phenomenon can ever be repeated again, but one thing is certain – it was a very, very long day. I stayed up late and drank too much wine, but I finished the coat. In hindsight, I don’t think drinking copious amounts of wine was beneficial for my sewing, although I’m thankful that the fur hides mistakes. The wine really helped me with seeing the project through to the end. See, when I first put the coat together, sleeves, collar and all, just enough to try it on for the first time, I didn’t know how to react. The statement fur I used coupled together with my quite haggard appearance at that time of the night made for a very interesting look. My first reaction was “OMG. I made a pimp coat”, to which Shaun promptly replied “Well, looking like you do right now, you come across more as someone working for a pimp…” Needless to say, I threw the leftover fur, fuzz and all, in his direction.  Keep reading “Me So Fancy – Faux Fur Coat”

How about them stripes?

Hello! I am popping in today with a quick note that I wrote a blog post about history of stripes over on Sewcialists blog today. I had no clue that striped clothing had such a rich history behind it until I started reading Devil’s Cloth by Michel Pastoureau. Did you know that stripes have been associated with societal outcasts throughout centuries? Neither did I! So, if you are interested to find out more, head on over to Sewcialists and let me know what you think of stripes.


Harriet Bra – Heating Up My Everyday Bra Game in ...

January is that time of the year for me. The time when my lingerie drawer starts to inevitably falter. I noticed this last year and I am noticing it again this year. It could be that the colder weather calls for thicker knits that just cuddle me up in a warm cozy hug and somehow make me think of luxurious lace I could be wearing underneath. You know, a fabric juxtaposition of sorts, or something like that. There also could be a much simpler and banal explanation to this sudden lingerie craving phenomenon – without many new additions throughout the year my everyday lingerie is simply worn out and I am in dire need of new pieces. Whichever reason it is, I still greatly enjoy this time when I am eager to explore new to me patterns, fiddle with the fit and think of new combinations of lace and findings colours.

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Slightly Hacked Emerson Pants

Look, my coatigan is making another appearance! Well actually, this blog post is all about those pants you can barely see in this photo. I have been cautiously considering the cropped wide pants trend since last spring. I did not think it was for me though. It seemed too fashion forward and I didn’t know if I could pull it off. Well, this Fall I decided I need to give the cropped wide pants a try. I wanted a them to be quick to put together and easy to wear, just in case I didn’t like the style on me. And what better pattern to use than True Bias’ Emerson Pants?

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Un-Selfish Sewing Records – Bridesmaids Dresses

While thinking about what to name this post, I came up with USSR abbreviation which in my sewing world now stands for Un-Selfish Sewing Records. It is not even really that funny, but it was to me so I let out a huge “HA!” while sitting in a coffee shop writing this blog post with my co-maid of honour sitting by my side, working away on her stuff.

This blog post has been long coming, yet this seems to be the perfect time to write it whilst I am visiting my best friend in Vancouver, who journeyed with me through the years of wonderful ups and downs, and was there, along with other two amazing women, standing by my side as I embarked on my journey into married life.

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The Long Overdue Coat

I finished my brother’s coat!! I can not believe it finally happened. I want to say I am very proud and happy, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty as well. I promised to make the coat a long time ago. A very long time ago. Almost two years ago. I bought the fabric a year and a half ago and started on the coat then… I believe almost two winters have passed since my brother asked me if I would be able to make him a coat… I feel that I should have had this coat made sooner and because of that I feel bad. A coat should not have taken me this long and to my brother, I am very sorry. I will do better next time.

Now that we have established how I feel about my tardiness in making this coat, let’s move to the fun details and the parts I am proud of.

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