Me Made May and Updates

This post is a quick update on a couple things. First off, May is here!! Also known as Me Made May, and in our household it is also referred to as “Anya is late every day” May. I insist on taking photos in the morning, as I find I am the freshest and haven’t gotten grumpy yet. So I just come across nicer in pictures.

Last year was my first time taking part in Me Made May, a challenge ran by Zoe from So, Zo… What do you know? . I loved participating and I am really looking forward to this year! I enjoy seeing what others wear, what the go-to garments are and discovering new patterns. There is just so much inspiration in May!

I am not sure what my goals this year are, other than successfully take a photo of myself every day, which is a lot harder than I imagined. I do wear mostly me mades everyday so that part is covered, but I guess I will challenge myself to think of new outfits and try to find even more holes in my wardrobe. Here is my pledge for this May:

I, Anya from and @anna.zoe.sewing , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I will wear at least one me made garment every day for the duration of May, 2017. In doing so, I hope to find more go-to garments as well as challenge myself to create new outfit combinations.

On that note, I think an update on my No Buying Clothes for a Year Challenge is in order! As a reminder, last year I challenged myself not to buy any clothes for a year. Everything that I needed, I had to make myself. I was planning to provide monthly updates, but somewhere halfway through I stopped doing it.

First off, I think I succeeded in my challenge! I didn’t buy anything, except for a rain jacket. Which I don’t consider a failure, as I don’t want to make a technical garment like that, and I really needed one to walk the dogs on rainy days.

I think it was a great challenge for myself, I learned a lot and it definitely curbed my clothing spending habit. Here are some things that came out of it:

  • I no longer have an impulsive desire to buy clothes and I am a lot more picky when I do. All in all, I think I’ve only bought a few garments since the challenge has ended
  • I pay a lot more attention to the fit of the clothes, especially when I want to buy something. It made it a lot harder to shop, as I am not longer willing to forego little fitting issues (I am looking at you, short sleeves)
  • I also think that not everything needs to be made myself! This was a surprise to me. But the rain jacket is the prime example. The truth is I don’t want to make everything. I want to spend my time making garments I truly enjoy making, so I do not oppose buying things at all!
  • Having said that I want to try and be picky when I spend my money of clothing and I try to buy ethically made items when I can
  • I spent way too much money on shoes last year…. none of them were ethically made
  • I also spend way too much money on fabric. Way too much!
  • I became a lot more picky with my fabric choices. I used to buy just about anything that seemed right, now I am willing to spend more money on quality fabric, even if it means buying less
  • I wore a lot of ill-fitting pants until I got pant fitting down pat. Those were dark days of 2016
  • My sewing skills have really increased! By challenging myself not to buy clothes, I inadvertently challenged myself to make garments I otherwise wouldn’t or would avoid making because they seemed difficult

All in all, I think it was a great challenge and I am very happy I did it. And even though I don’t think that making everything I wear is for me, I do appreciate what I learned throughout past year. Majority of my wardrobe is me-made and I am proud of it!

To wrap it all up, I am super excited for this Me Made May! I can not wait to show you guys some items that I haven’t posted anywhere. My closet and I are ready! And I can’t wait to spend my nights scrolling through the day’s photos of other makers.

Until next time,


NBC Challenge – April Update


I’ve had way too much fun this past weekend in Canmore with my girl friend and then with family on Sunday afternoon. I didn’t do anything sewing or blogging related, so here I am doing all my catching up on posts.

I am definitely overdue for the NBC Challenge update. And I am proud to report that I went another month without buying clothes!! I think it is a success. I did come close to buying a t-shirt in Canmore this past weekend though. Mainly because the t-shirt had “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” artsy thing on it (I am a geek) and I had a couple glasses of wine prior to seeing the t-shirt. But I pulled myself together and opted out to buy a random book instead, which in the end was also cheaper. I hope the book will turn out to be good! But here are my thoughts this month:

  • I am still spending too much on fabric. I managed to buy fabric at a local FabricLand every time I went to pick up notions, and I purchased denim from Threadbare Fabrics (I will write a separate review of my experience). Even though I set myself a budget for fabric spending, I did go over it. I feel bad, but I feel like I may have learnt something this month by watching and seeing how I spent my hard earned money on fabulous fabrics. I am really hoping next month will be better! This time I will really try to stick to my budget and shop my stash instead.
  • I find that I do not miss my ready to wear garments as much as I thought I would. Even sweaters. On one hand I still need that ivory sweater I talked about in my last NBC update post. But on the other hand, I am excited to make it myself. I know that the sweater I will make will fit me everywhere and will be long enough for my long torso!
  • My office is right next to the mall and I thought that I would be very tempted every time I have to walk through it to get somewhere else. But so far I find that the mall has been serving as an inspiration to me, rather than temptation. I love seeing garments and think of ideas and what I can make. I especially enjoy seeing and touching good quality garments, I find they push me to look for quality fabrics and slow down during construction of my clothing.
  • Finally, I listened to “I’ll Drink to That” by Betty Halbreich a couple weeks ago and I absolutely enjoyed the book! Even though it is written about shopping and clothes, it talks about quality garments, wardrobes, style and fashion. I love listening to audiobooks while I sew, or drive, or go for walks, and I found this one also made me want to elevate the quality of my sewing. I also really enjoyed Betty talk about not needing too many clothes or new clothes all the time, yet striving to be elegant and put together. I really relate to that message.

It wasn’t much of an update this month, but that’s also a good thing. I am staying on course and I am still feeling good about the challenge!

What about you? Have you purchased any RTW? What do you listen to while you sew?


NBC Challenge – Update 1

imageI really should come up with a different tag for my No Buying Clothes for a Year Challenge, or a cool abbreviation… It’s just too wordy and seems bulky and takes forever to type. I toyed with Shopping Free Year, but it’s not truly reflective of the reality, because I will still buy shoes, accessories and fabric. It is also not quite Ready To Wear Free Year, because I am still wearing my RTW clothes I already have, I am just not buying more. So after thinking about it I am going to go with NBC Challenge as in Not Buying Clothes Challenge. As you can see, I am very creative when it comes to naming things . It’s been a month after I’ve officially announced NBC Challenge on my blog (truly thinking that no one would notice it!), and I think an update is in order. Keep reading “NBC Challenge – Update 1”

No Shopping for Clothes for a year?…


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For the past couple years or so I have been striving to live more minimally. I am in no way a full on follower of minimalist movement (not because I don’t like it, it’s just hard for me), but I do try to limit the amount of “things” that I owe. Although, I bet my brother would disagree with that statement. Still, I do strive to do my best to live with less. I find when it comes to my clothing I feel better and more prepared when I don’t have a lot of things, and everything that I have fits me well and goes well together. A closet overflowing with items is seriously anxiety evoking for me. Keep reading “No Shopping for Clothes for a year?…”