Floral Inari T-shirt

Oh rayon… I am so in love with rayon and that’s all I want to wear all summer long. Even in winter under a cozy cardigan. FabricLand stocked some beautiful rayons this spring and I couldn’t pass them by. I was eyeing this floral rayon for a couple weeks, I came up to the bolt, I unraveled it, looked at the print, I felt the fabric, I sighed and I just couldn’t image what I would do with it… Oh what a bummer! I really wanted to exercise self control and only buy fabric when I knew what I was going to make out of it. I also wasn’t sure if the print was a little too colorful for me. Now, I look back at it all and think about how silly I was. I should have snagged the fabric right away! It’s gorgeous!

floral inari 5

A couple weeks ago I saw my friend post on instagram a similar top she bought. The light immediately went off in my head, I warned her that I will be replicating the top and I rushed off to FabricLand hoping they still had the rayon in stock. They did! The rayon was meant to be an Inari T-Shirt!

floral inari 1

I made an Inari Dress a few weeks ago and I loved how it turned out. I knew I wanted to give pattern another try as a t-shirt. My dress came out a little too tight across the back so this time around I added 1/4″ to the upper back and front hoping it would fix the issues. Well, it did, somewhat. After all of that I am thinking the issue has something to do with the way the sleeve is drafted. It seems to hang straight down rather than slightly rotate forward and because of that it somewhat restricts my movement. Let’s just say that if I was to spend prolonged period of time with my arms extended in front of me, like rowing a boat for a couple hours, I would not be super comfortable. But I am not planning on doing that while wearing my beautiful t-shirt anytime soon.

floral inari 2

I did not follow the shirt pattern exactly either. It is a cropped t-shirt and I wanted a regular length one. I also wanted some extra room around my hips. I traced the pattern and ignored the side seams. I drew a new side seam line, which flared out wider than the dress side seam, but not as wide as a cropped t-shirt seam. I also lengthened the pattern to my desired length.

floral inari 7

I finished the neckline with a self made bias tape. I much prefer this finish to facings. I find facings twist and give me trouble after washing. So unless I absolutely can not have a seam on the neckline, I always go for bias tape finish.

floral inari 6

I am also not a fan of hand sewing… So to attach the cuff I simply did tacks on my sewing machine. I adjusted the length of my seam to the smallest it would go and placed a few tacks (4 stitches or so, and may be 5-6 tacks) around the cuff. They are barely visible and it is so much easier than hand sewing! Give it a try if you are like me.

floral inari 8

I finished the hem with my favorite rolled hem technique. It is so easy and provides for such a clean finish!

I love this shirt! I wore it out for dinner as soon as I finished it. I am pretty sure it was still “hot” from the sewing machine. S loved this shirt too, which is always a bonus. Oh, and you may have noticed that I am smiling a lot more in these photos. Well, it is because S was on the other side of my tripod bugging me and commenting on my poses. Normally I get too serious and too much into posing and forget to smile. Well I think it is set now and S will have to be my photo-shoot entertainment from now on so that I actually smile!




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    1. Oh the stash… haha I just started appreciating rayon last year and I am still building my rayon stash. lol I am glad you enjoyed it!

  1. Your fabric is sooo cute, I’m glad you went back and got it! Haha great minds think alike on this matter too: it was not too long ago that I fell in love with rayon too 😀 I haven’t sewn with anything from my rayon stash yet though, I’ve been saving it all for summer outfits 🙂

    1. Thank you! haha they truly do! I also have been stashing most of my rayon for summer but recently it occurred to me that I can just layer things over it… So that’s when I jumped into making things right away without waiting for the weather to warm up. Ryaon is all kinds of awesome! I can’t wait to see what you make!


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