Lekala Coat – Better Pictures


It is almost summer… what am I doing posting pictures of a coat?? Well, in Calgary, although it has been deliciously warm, one can still get away wearing a coat in the morning some days. I am also sure that a cold spell is still bound to happen (I will be happy if I am wrong!)  It’s Calgary, it is bound to come! It is not weird to get snow on May long weekend here, so see, posting pictures of a coat in April with +22 outside does not seem so weird anymore.


The coat is Lekala 4333 coat pattern. When I first made it back in December 2015 I sucked at taking pictures. I am not a pro at it now, but I am very proud of my tri-pod acquisition and how it has slightly elevated my picture quality and photo taking abilities. Also I would like to think that over the past 4 months my modeling skills went from barely existing to “I-can-do-two-poses-yay!”.


I won’t talk about the coat itself in this post, as I’ve written about it and my experience with Lekala patterns here and here. Feel free to check the posts out and if you have any questions, ask away. In the meantime, here are some shots of the finished coat:

imageI love the two pleats at the front! They help create such a beautiful feminine silhouette.

imageI used Kasha lining, which is a flannel backed satin, to line the coat. This lining is warmer than usual bemberg or polyester lining. And because it is flannel on one side, it is easier to work with. My lining is silver since FabricLand had a limited selection of colors and this silver color was the only one that went with the color of my Melton Cloth wool.

imageI am extremely pleased with how this coat turned out! Between this one and my other super warm Cascade Coat (unblogged) I have been a very happy lady this fall/winter season!




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  1. oooo, this is so pretty! Great poses, I also feel like i’m finally nailing a few poses and not doing so many weird ones because I know what will work now. Have you considered doing some more close up shots of details? I love seeing close ups of pockets and collars and buttons 🙂

    1. Thank you! I always tell my boyfriend that it is unbelievably hard being a model lol If the item looks good, almost always my eyes are either half closed or my face looks funny haha
      Thank you for a great suggestion of close up photos! I never think about it! I will definitely do more of them in the future. I agree, I like looking at the close up photos on other blogs 🙂

  2. Super pretty… I’m just about to cut out a new cool weather coat for sideline season here in Ontario. Crazy Canucks we may be, but not suffering in “Spring” flurries.

    1. Thank you! haha I am glad I am not the only one in this 🙂 I was also contemplating starting to cut out a coat… I can’t wait o see how yours will turn out!


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