NBC Challenge – March Update

It has occurred to me this morning that I completely forgot to post an update on how my No Buying Clothes Challenge is going. It has been another month of not buying any clothes and I am continuing to learn and develop from this process. An update is in order!

I am happy to report that in terms of staying away from buying any clothes is has been a successful month! I haven’t bough any clothes and continued to make everything that I need or wear what I already have.  However there are still a few things I learnt I could improve on.

  1. I am in need of a plain off-white sweater… I am talking super simple, off-white sweater that would go with everything. In the past J-Crew’s Tippi pullover was my go-to buy. It’s exactly what I am looking for. I have to admit, I even almost convinced S to buy me one as a gift… But it didn’t work. jcrew-ivory-petite-tippi-sweater-white-product-0-422528903-normal
    My main issue when it comes to the sweater is not that it is hard to make. It’s easy! With a serger it will not take long either. However, I am having trouble finding the right knit. I want something that is of a better quality with some natural fibers and is a light sweater knit, not a t-shit knit. But I am having trouble locating the fabric in Calgary and actually in Canada… If anyone has suggestions for good quality sweater knit I could buy, on-line or in store, outside of Canada too, I would love to hear them!

  2. I have noticed that my fabric spending has increased dramatically! I guess having an excuse of not buying clothes for a year somehow justifies buying all the pretty fabrics I see even if I am not going to get to them in a bit. I guess a fabric stash is not all for sewing and can be considered a collection of sorts, but overspending on fabric was not part of the plan for the year. I am not sure how, but I will have to curb my fabric spending and shop my stash. There is this thing they call willpower… I wonder where can I get one of them…

  3. Finally, I have been doing my Wardrobe Architect project, mainly following along with Christine’s journey and doing the exercises as she completes them (because I am too lazy to do it on my own). I was very excited to have my color palette finalized and named!$R3H524VIt am sure that I could have narrowed my Main Colors to include less of cream tones, but it was unbelievably hard for me. They are all so pretty!! So I left it as is. The experience lead me to realize the full extent of my love for warm off-white and cream tones and come to terms with it. So now I don’t feel as guilty sewing all shades of off-white tops! I love them and I will wear them.Having the palette also affected the way I look at my fabric stash and how I shop for my fabric. I used to come down on myself for not having enough bright pretty loud prints, and would force myself to “venture out”. The reality is though, that I just don’t wear them and don’t like them. It is also okay to have a more toned down closet if it reflects my style.

There you go, I think it was another month full of learning and reflecting. We’ll see what the next month brings!





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    1. I am so glad you are staying strong as well! Yes, it is so hard not to buy fabric… I really have trouble with that! If you find any tricks that work for you, please share! I will do the same.
      I actually do have that exact cream French terry from Blackbird! I will take a look at it again tonight, but I was hoping for something that looks knitted as in a sweater actually would. But it may work! Thank you for the suggestion and a reminder! All my Blackbird fabrics are very treasured and I am too worried to cut into them, and I forget about them. They are such good quality!

  1. You live in Calgary?! I live in Calgary! Finding good fashion fabric here is SO hard! I’ve been pondering ordering some merino from the new The Fabric Store online store. There is a fabricland in the NW that if you search HARD you can SOMETIMES find not a completely terrible knit. But OI! It is harrrdddd! I’m hoping to do a very similar challenge in 2017, as right now I work in a clothing store where I always have to wear at least one piece of current product, making it pretty much impossible to not shop haha. My instagram is ally_mariko feel free to find me! Mostly knitting and dogs of late, but I am hoping to get my sew-jo back in gear 🙂

    1. I do live in Calgary! That is so cool! I barely know people who sew in Calgary 🙂 I agree, it sucks! I was thinking of checking out Olga’s fabric on Bow Trail just to see if they carry anything, but they tend to be pricey. But may be I should also check out NW Fabricland, they do tend to have a slightly better selection, which is weird…
      I hear you about working in a clothing store! I used to work in a few as well and it was pretty much impossible not to spend my money there, especially with “you have to wear what you sell” policies. At least you get a discount! I’ll find you on instagram, and I need some knitting inspiration as I am hoping to give it a try later 🙂

  2. I so feel your pain on the struggle to find great fabric in central Canada!
    I too love Blackbird fabrics and am inclined to buy from them if they have anything close to what I’m looking for – I really hope they continue to grow!
    I just made an order from a place called Style Maker Fabrics (braved the USD exchange with my birthday $) since they had a nice selection of different garment fabrics. Order still on the way, so I can’t speak to quality/service yet, but I think I recall some nice sweater knits they had…

    1. It’s so hard! I am glad I am not the only one struggling 🙂 I love Blackbird Fabrics and I also really hope they continue to grow. It seems that States and Europe have a really nice selection of fashion fabrics online and Canada seems to lag behind a little bit.
      No way! I would love to hear about your experience! I have just checked out their fabrics and they do have a really nice selection of sweater knits. I love their ivory pointelle and I may have to brave the exchange rate as well. Also, happy belated birthday!

      1. Hi Anya,

        I got my Style Maker Fabrics order on Monday and just remembered now that I was going to let you know my experience. I ordered it on the 3rd and they shipped it the very next day, it got stuck in Seattle for a week and then finally got moving and arrived on the 18th. A bit slow but that was all USPS oddness not Style Maker. There was taxes (gust&upset for me) assessed at the border plus a $9.95 flat rate handling fee that I had to pay when I picked up my parcel. The package was a bubble wrap envelope that looked a bit battered and the fabric inside was just wrapped in a tissue paper however all my fabric was fine. I’m quite happy with the quality and will likely order from them again if they have something I can’t find either locally or through a Canadian supplier although it was a bit pricey after exchange (so terrible right now!),shipping and fees at the border.

        1. Hi Anne! Thank you so much for letting me know about your experience.
          Sometimes USPS can be frustrating eh? I had a package stuck in their distribution center once for over a month… ugh!
          I am glad that your fabric was all fine! And its so good to hear that you are happy with the quality. I will definitely keep them in mind and order from them in the future.
          haha and damn, autocorrect 🙂

  3. Sadly I can’t help you with finding the perfect sweater knits, I haven’t found them either! I live in Finland and don’t shop online, so there’s that, but I think it’s a universal problem. I saw a good sweater knit ONCE, but didn’t buy it because it wasn’t season appropriate, and of course it was gone the next time. This is fabric that I would consider buying online, so I’ll be checking back too 🙂

    1. I agree, it does seem like it is a universal problem. I can so relate to not buying the perfect fabric out of season! I’ve done it before and regretted it when I couldn’t find it… Usually it is sale coating fabric for me. I will likely end up buying sweater knit online, and I will definitely write about my experience with it!


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