Pattern Testing – Anza Jumpsuit

I made a jumpsuit! And I love it, but when I made it and put it on, Shaun saw me and laughed for 2 hours straight. I am not even joking. I am starting to think he really doesn’t understand fashion. Poor lad.

This jumpsuit is a brand new pattern from Itch to Stitch designs. Anza Jumpsuit and Dress was released today and I am very excited to share my version.

I originally signed up to test the dress version. It is a lovely front buttoned V-neck dress that is super easy to throw on and look put together in. I was very excited to jump in, but after sleeping on it for a few nights I realized I actually wanted to give a jumpsuit a try… I was very surprised by this very strange to me urge. I always thought of jumpsuits as very fashion forward and I envisioned them on super fashionable pinterest-worthy ladies who always look like they are having endless coffees, fabulous lives and are always busy looking effortlessly great and fashionable at every time of day and night. This is not who I am, so I didn’t think jumpsuit was for me. Yet, there I was with this insane urge to make a jumpsuit.

After trying to talk myself out of it, I decided why not? I sew after all, if I hate it I’ll just swap the pant part for the skirt part! So I asked Kennis if I could change my assigned dress to jumpsuit and she agreed. I was so happy! My jumpsuit was to become a reality.

For  my fabric I chose to go with Mouse Gray Tencel Twill from Blackbird Fabrics. I bought enough of it as I was thinking of making a super lightweight Kelly Anorak, but changed my mind in favor of Anza Jumpsuit. Not to worry, I did buy enough cotton twill to make Kelly Anorak, so it will still happen in the foreseeable future.

Tencel twill was the perfect choice for this jumpsuit. It is very lightweight and has a beautiful drape. It is also breathable and will be perfect for warmer months. I also really appreciate that it is opaque so no lining is needed. As well as I just love the subtle texture and sheen of the fabric, it almost looks silky. Yet unlike silk, it is a lot easier to work with and it has more weight.

I adjusted the pattern to fit my body. I graded from size 6 at the bust to size 10 at the waist and 12 at the hips. Even though my waist is quite a bit smaller than size 10, I needed to make sure that there was enough width in the waist to get my hips through. The jumpsuit only unbuttons to the waist and then is pulled on through the hips. So if your waist is smaller size than hips, I would recommend not adjusting for it, or making sure that the final measurements of the waist will allow for your hips to slide through. All the extra fabric will be synched in with the elastic anyways. I would think this will not be as essential if you are making a dress version though, as you are likely to be putting it on over your head anyways.

My other adjustments included adding length to the bodice and extending the shoulder. I am tall (5’10”) and I have broad shoulders. So I added 1.5″ to the length of the bodice and 1″ to the shoulder. I also deepened the seat of the pants by scooping out the crotch curve. All of these are very standard adjustments for me.

In hindsight, I should have added more length to the bodice. I didn’t muslin this jumpsuit as in my experience Kennis’ patterns are always on point and I figured I can make it work with loose fit, all the extra seams and pattern parts. Once I basted the top and the bottom pieces together I felt that I could really use an extra 3/4″ in length of the bodice. So my easy solution to this was to simply widen the waistband and attach it as its own piece, instead of Kennis’ unique way to attach waistband on top of the bodice. This worked out great and I am very happy with the result.

Once the jumpsuit was all finished and I tired it on, I decided that I want my extra wide cuff to be a little smaller. So I simply folded it over! That is why my cuff may look slightly different from other testers’ cuffs. I like both options but I felt that on me folded over cuff looked better.

I love this jumpsuit! I simply can not wait till it warms up enough to wear it. It snowed today in Calgary… so it still may be a few weeks for jumpsuit worthy weather.

As I’ve mentioned, Shaun found it hard to appreciate the beauty and fashion forwardness of this jumpsuit. He actually laughed for a couple hours while I paraded around the house in my jumpsuit, while holding a glass of wine and refusing to respond to him, because “I don’t talk to haters”.

Let me tell ya, did I ever feel polished and put together in my get up! Even though my hair hasn’t been washed in days and was beyond dry-shampooing, part of my make up ended up under my eyes and the other part left my face completely earlier in the day, my nail polished was chipped to almost non-existence on some of my nails and my legs weren’t shaved in weeks. But still, I felt beautiful and sophisticated. I even tried to converse in my very choppy and very forgotten French while I sat there sipping wine and ignoring Shaun’s giggling. “Violette à bicyclette” is usually my go-to phrase. I am clearly very cultured.

So my conclusion is jumpsuits make you feel awesome, put together and pinterest worthy. Well, jumpsuits, or wine. Either one will do.

What do you think of the new Anza pattern? Will you be making it? Would it be a dress or jumpsuit? Or may be both?

On that note, I am off to start another week of working.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!



P.S. This blog post contains affiliate links, but all opinions, as usual, are my own 🙂

Kommatia Cocoon Cardigan

Where to begin the post about this cardigan? It is so insanely cozy and comfy, I don’t ever want to take it off again. I think it is a perfect combination of fabric and pattern.

Last year I accidentally stumbled across Kommatia Patterns on Etsy. I loved the designs but the company was new to me and I haven’t heard much of them at that point. It turns out Kommatia is a fellow Canadian brand based out of Montreal. After my inability to get Jessica’s designs out of my head, I decided to give their Pleated Trousers a chance and I was absolutely smitten. I also just realized I’ve never blogged about the trousers… and I am even planning to make another pair soon here…

The Cocoon Cardigan is a very long cardigan with a cozy cocoon shape. It has a kimono sleeve with a wide sleeve band and inseam pockets. At first I was considering shortening the cardigan, but I decided to go with the original design.

For my fabric I chose super soft cloud nine knit from Blackbird Fabrics. This knit is so soft and feels so luxurious, it almost feels like cashmere. Unsurprisingly, I managed to convince myself to buy a lot of it… I’ve already made two sweaters out of beige and grey colours, and I still have some beige knit left for Blackwood Cardigan I am planning for summer. This fabric is amazing!

The only suggestion I have for you, if you bought this fabric and haven’t made anything yet, keep your iron on very low heat. This fabric doesn’t like hot iron. It also stretches really well, so if you are making a sweater I would recommend shortening the neckband and hem bands just a touch.

This cardigan is such an easy sew! Especially if you have a serger. It is fast. The only part that was a little cumbersome was attaching the band to the circumference of the cardigan. It is just so long… But I did it on the first try. All the notches were very helpful!

As I mentioned I considered shortening the cardigan but I am so glad that I didn’t do it in the end! I love how long and cozy this thing is. I have been wrapping myself up in it every chance I get. I also didn’t expect how well it would pair with so many things in my closet. It turned out to be a great staple! I imagine I will be wearing it all the time as it gets warmer.

Also, I had to take these photos twice. First time my camera was acting up and didn’t focus correctly. But I had so much fun photographing the cardigan the first time because Misha decided to photobomb me and refused to leave. I just have to share it!

What a change from this, eh? My fluffy bear dog is almost all grown up!


Until next time,

Another Dropped Waist Laurel

I am back with another catch up post. I think this may be the last one or the second last one in my queue… And then I will have to start catching up on the new photos I’ve been taking. Let’s prolong the hair confusion! I went from this color, which is just one set of highlights, to a very light blond now, with 3 sets of highlights…My poor hair, I don’t think it can handle anymore!

My obsession with Laurel dress is very well documented here. I have made so many Laurels that I have lost count already. I have also made so many modifications to my original pattern that I don’t even know what it is anymore. Laurel dress has been the perfect shift dress for me. It didn’t come easily though, I went through a lot of alterations to get the pattern to fit right but in the end it was worth it.

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Summer Fen Dress

I am back with more blurry photos! I haven’t had a chance to re-take most of the photos I took a couple weekends ago, and then I couldn’t bring myself to re-take these ones, because as you will see I was photo bombed in a cutest way.

I have been obsessed with the idea of making another Fen Dress ever since I saw Elena’s summer version of it. I have made the dress before and I loved it! I didn’t think I would want to make a short sleeve version, but Elena’s dress changed my mind in an instant. Keep reading “Summer Fen Dress”

Chi-Town Skirt

I have some serious catching up to do on the blog. I have some new makes I absolutely have to photograph and write about and yet I still have a couple more I haven’t written about! I’ll do my best with writing posts in the next couple weeks, but unfortunately I am not as passionate about writing as I am about sewing. I’d much rather spend all my free time sewing, even if that means I am eating my dinner made out of leftovers over kitchen sink. Thankfully, Shaun doesn’t mind it. Yet. Keep reading “Chi-Town Skirt”