Winter White Esme

I am finally starting to play catch up here! Now that the renos are almost done, I took the liberty to paint one wall of our spare room in this gorgeous dark tealish blue color. It is the same color as a feature wall in our bedroom and we had leftover paint, so why not put it to good use? I’ve also been scouring kijiji for some extra lights to set up in my photo area. It’s hard to take pictures in Calgary right now. I leave home when it’s still very dark and I come back and it’s already dark. And, let’s be honest, most weekends I just don’t want to put myself together. I still have a dream of a good camera one day, but for now my iPhone and my new “photo area” will do.

Sometime in mid-fall I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous wool blend fabric I have been eyeing for a few months at that point. This beautiful boucle knit from Emma One Sock has been on my mind ever since I first saw it, but I have never ordered from this store before and I was scared to take a plunge, especially since the fabric is not cheap. Finally I talked myself into needing it and I bought along with another beautiful sweater knit, that I am still waiting to put to use.When the fabric arrived and I opened my package, all my concerns dissipated. This fabric is absolutely gorgeous! It’s quite a stiff knit but it feels so cozy and warm. It was meant to be a cardigan.

There are so many gorgeous cardigan patterns on the market and it was really hard to chose the pattern to settle on. I really wanted something that I knew would work with the thicker stable knit, and was a good quality pattern that will not turn my gorgeous fabric into a disappointing garment. After some research which involved a lot of google and instagram “research”, I settled on Esme Maxi Cardigan by Named patterns.

I wanted a roomy cardigan that I can cozy up into and feel hugged by my lovely wool blend fabric. I also wanted it to be big enough to layer on top of almost anything I have. Winters can get quite cold here in Calgary and being cozy and warm is essential to me.

I shortened the pattern so that the bottom hem sits  a couple inches below the pockets. In hindsight I could have added another couple inches to it, but this length worked out really well for me.

The pattern asks for a lighter fabric to be used as pocket bags, and I had some light jersey in my leftovers bin, in almost identical color. The jersey is not the best quality though and I can really notice the difference from the rest of the item when I put my hands into my pockets, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I can definitely see though how the pockets would be hanging heavy if I were to use the wool boucle for the pocket bags.

Can you see in the photo above my slightly chewed left boot? Haha I left them out for 5 minutes and somehow Misha got a hold of them. Oh, puppies…

The construction of the cardigan is really straight forward and the whole thing came together in no time at all. I only used my sewing machine to hem it. I opted out for a straight stitch hem, but I am almost wondering if I would have loved a blind hem better. Again, this is not something that bothers me at all though. I constructed the rest of the cardigan using my serger. It always makes for a very fast sew!

The sleeves have cuffs, so hemming them is super easy!

I have been relying on this cardigan for the past few months. It is so warm and so easy to layer! It goes pretty much with anything, from skirts to pants and jeans. It is also a prefect item to throw on under a coat for extra warmth on the way to work, if it is extra chilly outside.

I definitely recommend this pattern! I wish I had all the time and resources in the world, because I would make at least a few more versions of it. I would really like to try the original length of the pattern as well as try to experiment with a length that’s somewhere in the middle.

What are your go to cardigan patterns? The next one I have been eyeing is this cardigan by Kommatia Patterns. It’s a new to me pattern company, but I have already made their cropped pants and was pretty impressed with the pattern. Fingers crossed I can get to it soon here!



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    1. It really is! I’ll have to check out Style Arc and McCall. I have never sewn with Style Arc’s patterns but I have heard a lot of good reviews 🙂

    1. I was going to ask you how you like it, but I think the fact that you’ve made it 5 times speaks for itself. It is also on my sewing line up! I was thinking of trying to hack it into a V-neck 🙂

  1. heatherandthepugs January 12, 2017, 5:47 pm

    I hear ya – Calgary has been sooooo cold! I want to make all the cozy sweaters! I have the Grainline cardigan in my stash and I really need to make it up. It’s definitely a piece that’s missing from my wardrobe!! Your Esme looks amazing!

    1. I keep eyeing that pattern too! I really want to see how yours turns out. I also have a couple other cardigan patterns in my stash that I want to use as well. We really need all the cozy knits this winter!
      Thank you! xoxo


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